Lost Friends

Exhibition at EAA Gallery 02.06-22.06.2017, curated by Kaisa Maasik

Exhibition Lost Friends is the joint project of two sisters - the artist Keiu and Kaisa, the curator of the exhibition. It speaks about losing touch with friends through the story of one friend-group.

The exhibition consists of 4 artworks:

Lost Friends I (2017) - double-sided photo stickers at the entrance that depict young birches in the spring.

To Ihaste (2017) – a two-channel video with 12 camping chairs. On the left side of the screen is home-video-like footage of teenagers’ life in the suburb called Ihaste. On the right side of the video are shots of Ihaste’s  landscapes mainly without people.

Swimming-gang (2017) – a short documentary about a group of friends who spent one summer together.

Lost Friends II (2017) – transparancy in a lightbox. Photo is taken of the same birchwood seen on the photo stickers at the entrance.

Exhibition is accompanied by an introductory booklet designed by Anna Kaarma.


The photo- and video exhibition focuses on the weakening of bonds, tying the process to growing up. Documentary footage of a teenagers’ life in the suburbs, a cross-section of the buildings in the area, and the big shopping centers in its vicinity demon­strate a universal process - the losing of friend and the reasons for it.

View to the exhibition entrance and Lost Friends I photo stickers

View to the exhibition entrance and Lost Friends I photo stickers

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