100 GHz to Midnight

With Madis Kurss
Video installation
Computer with RGB components, props from the video, tent, RGB lights, video length 16 min 15 sec

100 GHz to Midnight studies the simulation of post-apocalyptic world through contemporary computer games. Battle Royal is a term used to describe a battle with multiple participants until the last man standing. At the beginning of the game, the player has nothing, all equipment has to be found on the battleground.

The video is showing the main character looting and passing through an abandoned village. She finds an audio recorder in one of the houses. The recorder contains thoughts from an unknown person. The viewer can hear this short apocalypse themed audio diary in the video. Simulating the crisis situations could be taken as a preventive measure for gloomy scenarios outside the game.

In competitive level such games require quite powerful computers for playing. In order to be highly visible on the market, the hardware for gaming PCs comes with complicated light solutions, called RGB (red-green-blue). Lucent computer cases have become distinct showpieces where besides the computer's specs various RGB solutions can be observed. An example of such a computer is also a part of the installation.

Exhibition view, Draakoni Gallery, 2020

Exhibition view, Draakoni Gallery, 2020

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