October 2005 - October 2013

Dimensions of the room 390 x 280 x 270 cm, 133 photographs, fishing line, tape

The first version of the installation October 2005-October 2013 was placed in my childhood room. It consisted of 133 photographs hanging from the ceiling and everyday objects which are placed in this room on daily basis. For the remake of October 2005-October 2013 a replica of that childhood room was built in the gallery. Once again 133 photographs were hanging down from the ceiling but this time the furniture and everyday objects were missing from the room.

With this artwork I continue exploring the deceitfulness of memory. The photographs hanging from the ceiling were taken throughout 8 years in that same room. This narrow selection of photographs replaces my memory and everything that has not been photographed or hanged up, stops existing.

Installation view, Hobusepea Gallery, 2017

Installation view, Hobusepea Gallery, 2017

Built with Berta.me

Keiu Maasik ©